LEGO - Adidas Originals Superstar - 10282

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 Celebrate 1980s’ hip-hop by paying tribute to a significant era in music and streetwear culture and adding a surprising new addition to your trainer collection with this LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar 10282 trainer model building set for adults. With a pedigree spanning over 50 years, the Adidas Originals Superstar is regarded as one of the coolest trainers of all time.

Recreate the iconic trainer from LEGO bricks to make a collectible display piece that’s sure to spark conversation not only among Adidas trainers collectors! This Adidas LEGO shoe is packed with authentic details and a real tribute to the original Adidas trainer. Just like the real thing, this LEGO Adidas trainer includes the iconic Adidas Originals Superstar trainer graphics and features. Right shoe or left shoe? You decide! This set includes 17 extra LEGO elements, so you can choose to build either! Sneakerheads will love the authentic unboxing experience with a realistic shoe box – just like a real trainer purchase! And for extra realism, it even has shoelaces!

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