PS5: Back 4 Blood - Special Edition (PlayStation 5) - Excellent Condition

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  • Back 4 Blood Special Edition includes : Back 4 Blood full game, Steel case, Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skins
  • Cooperative Story Campaign: Fight through a four-player co-op story campaign and work together to survive increasingly challenging missions. Team-up online with drop-in and drop-out co-op to fight the ever-evolving Ridden threat together or play the campaign solo with three AI teammates.
  • Competitive Multiplayer: Play with or against friends in online PvP that supports up to eight players. Switch between playing as a Cleaner and the horrific Ridden.
  • Customisable Characters and Weapons: Choose from eight customisable Cleaners, a wide range of lethal weapons, and a diverse set of items to better overcome an adapting enemy.

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