Dreamworks Dragons Flying Toothless

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Teach your very own dragon how to fly with DreamWorks Dragons Flying Toothless. This interactive baby dragon can really fly indoors but can’t learn how to do it without your help. Practicing together is so much fun!

Featuring realistic details and light-up eyes, Toothless’ eyes change from green to rainbow when you’ve earned his trust and he’s ready to fly.

Watch him soar as you guide him, and he’ll hover above your hands. With multiple sensors, Toothless responds to your touch. He interacts with sound effects and his eyes change color to let you know his mood – hungry, sleepy, sad and more. You can pet him to make him purr, play games, feed him, rock him to sleep, tickle his tummy in the nest and more.

Plus, this little dragon loves to dance. Rock him side to side hear him sing and play music – he’s so cute. 

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