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The original Life is Strange almost felt like it shouldn't have worked - a character-driven episodic adventure game centred around a teenage girl, its success was testament to videogames' continued evolution and growth as a medium.

In Before the Storm, Chloe and Arcadia Bay return in this prequel set three years before the return of Max to the small town. Players guide Chloe as she's drawn into an unlikely relationship with Rachel Amber, a pretty and popular girl who's an unexpected ally to misfit Chloe. It's this relationship that takes centre stage as the pair are pulled together by an unexpected series of events.

The story plays out as a narrative adventure in the style made popular by the likes of Telltale Games in recent years. Players must make a series of choices for Chloe, determining the course that events will take through decisions and conversation. With no Max on hand developer had to find an alternative to the original games time-rewind ability and delivers with the 'backtalk' mechanic. Showing up as an option during a handful of key story moments, it gives players the chance to have Chloe dig into some verbal fisticuffs to get what she needs.

Before the Storm delves into some weighty themes, questioning whether it's better to live in a beautiful lie or an ugly reality. For those looking for some added grist in their gaming, this latest offering from the Life is Strange series is a strong bet.

Includes: Life is Strange Episode 1 (Season 1), Complete Season, Bonus Episode, Outfit Pack, Mixtape Mode, Art Book, Original Soundtrack.

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